Copper and Selenium nanoparticles practical synthesis workshops

أكتوبر 21, 2017

*NNN is organizing practical workshop on Copper nanoparticles and Selenium nanoparticles synthesis on Saturday 28 – Sunday 29 October 2017 from 10:30 am till 2:30pm which will contains lectures about different applications of Copper nanoparticles and Selenium nanoparticles and practical preparation of
Copper nanoparticles and Selenium nanoparticles
*Important: Don’t forget to get your lab coat with you for the practical part
Spaces will be limited to 15 participants, so we ask attendees to register ahead of time

*Fees of workshop : 300 EGP/ 100 USD /worshop

*Fees include: A file contains Lectures on CD+ Practical part +Coffee breaks+ Certificates+The prepared nanoparticles in small glass tubes to use it for your own research work.

*Certificates will be accredited by NNN
*For more information please call 01098915757, 01115831621
*Those who would like to register:
Just send us an email at or on Whats App. at 01098915757 containing:

1- Your full triple name as you want in Certificate

2- Your position

3-Your mobile

4-your email

Subject of email:copper nanoparticles practical synthesis workshop
email message: I want to attend

*Registration deadline by fees payment :20 October 2017
*Late Registration: 350 EGP/workshop
*Onsite payment 400 EGP/workshop
*Fees are to be paid as follows:
-Vodaphone cash at 01098915757 مع تحمل مصاريف الايداع والسحب
– Bank account at Faisal Islamic bank of Egypt, Dokii branch Account No. 023608, Account Name: Wesam Ahmed Tawfik
– At Naqaa foundation for scientific Research, Faisal, Giza